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The Unseen Movie trailer – Magnet Films Dir. Gary Sinyor

Recently I really enjoyed working as the motion graphic designer doing vfx on the fantastic movie 'The Unseen’, written and directed by Gary Sinyor. The movie has received great reviews and was well received at the premiere in Piccadilly Circus this week.Please all go to see at the next screening at the Ritzy cinema in South London if you can (details for tickets in the link) and if you can’t make this keep an eye out for a wider release in selected UK cinemas coming soon.

One comment on “The Unseen Movie trailer – Magnet Films Dir. Gary Sinyor

  1. I watched this trailer after hearing about it from a friend and then I saw the film. It’s fantastic. Great acting and brilliant storyline. I think it’s such a great success for independent British cinema when low budget films like this can be successful.

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