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We are experts in motion graphic design with a team of talented designers and illustrators. We work on projects often of any scale requiring many different techniques such as motion tracking, video manipulation, speed manipulation, chroma keying and much more.

Video Manipulation

Video manipulation is the term given to mean anything that gets done to the layers on top of a video layer to change the original footage in order to create a desired effect. Examples of this could be using a shot of a street and then placing an explosion on top.

When the explosion is masked in the right areas and the shot is shaken it can give the effect that the explosion was filmed and really happened if done to a high standard.

Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking is the term to describe choosing a point on a video layer where there is movement and then applying this point to the anchor of a layer above containing anything from text to other images.

The result of the motion tracking will move the layer above in relation to this position data giving the effect that the layer above is inside the environment of the layer below.