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Our encoding services stretch far and wide with great capabilities. As well as encoding for all our projects we also offer encoding as a standalone service itself for anyone requiring this. We can encode to  any specifications from mp4 to windows media.

Web Encoding

Web encoding is in extreme high demand today as video is the most consumed media on the internet and multiple different platforms host video including sites like YouTube and Vimeo. We can create high quality encodes in a variety of formats at low file sizes.

The most popular format is MP4 as this seems to be the preferred format for video files to upload to video sharing sites. We also encode highly specialised files with extremely technical specifications for a variety of reasons including downloading and streaming.

DVD Authoring and Encoding

DVD Encoding is becoming a less popular format in the world today with digital platforms taking the majority of viewing experience however it is still used for some purposes. We can encode for DVD and author DVDs including making menus and chapters.

We also get requests to create DATA Discs for multiple reasons which include discs with multiple files on them and we can create as many copies as you like, as well as distribute them for you to where you need them to go.