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Colour Correction

We use colour correction at Flayr Media for a number of things but mainly when we have finished an edit we will always bring vibrance into an image if the raw footage is washed out, unless it is shot to be like that on purpose. A colour cast is a particular tint of colour in an image which happens when capturing the image a certain type of light is let in through the lens which affects the colour of the final image. It is referred to as a cast because it is usually unwanted and tints the image to represent an unrealistic version of the real world. This is a very common occurrence in cinematography and sometimes is even employed by a director of photography on purpose for artistic effect. If it is unwanted there are easy ways to get rid of the cast in post-production and we are experts in doing this at Flayr Media.

Secondary Colour Correction

A lot of the time in colour grading and colour correction you may hear the term secondary colour correction. This is something that is featured heavily in programmes such as Avid symphony, Adobe Speedgrade and DaVinci Resolve. It involves after the initial first stage of colour correction, applying a second instance of the corrector and masking out certain parts of the image for further changes. This might come in handy if the skin tones of the people in the scene are too light or too dark but the overall image is fine.


We use a variety of colour grading platforms to get the job done and in many of them we have libraries of pre-built looks which can be applied in some circumstances in the same way that pre-made sound effects can be used.

Stylistic Effects:
  Colour Casts