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2D Animation comes in a variety of forms using Mandy different techniques to achieve any number of unique effects. At Flayr Post Production our animators are experts in many of these techniques and can apply the appropriate ones to each brief on an individual basis. They are also extremely creative and talented and will work with you from the concept and design stage right through to production and delivery.

2D Vector Animation

2D Vector animation is a term for what we at Flayr Media refer to as animation using 2 dimensional geometric objects usually created in software such as Adobe Illustrator but it can also be known more widely as 2D computer graphics, or just 2D animation.

There are established processes in place to create this extremely popular genre of animation and we use these as well as create our own processes. 2D vector animations are popular in the corporate film world as well as the advertising and marketing industries.

Character Animation

Character animation is yet another type of animation with as the title suggests the use of characters for a number of reasons from to tell a story, to add amusement, to advertise a product or to create an environment within an animation.

We use characters for many different purposes and either use prebuilt ones designed for specific purposes or create and draw our own owns if the project requires us to do so. The use of characters is an extremely effective way to get messages across in videos and films and we often advise to do so.