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Seven steps to professional edited video

In the real world the post-production process for professional video and film creation is an extremely complex one comprising many different stages and involving much back and forth from the client to the post-production company. At Flayr Media we have spent a great deal of time streamlining this process in order so that it can be used in a simplified way and essentially ordered online through our website.

Even though we have very thoroughly streamlined this process, there is still human creatives at the end who will be working on your projects. As such throughout this process we will still be in touch a lot with you via either email or by telephone to ask any questions for things we need to know. This is a vital part of the process to ensure that your video gets done properly. It is also a support service for you and you can use this as much or as little as you want. Any time you have any query all you need to do is email us at sales@flayrmedia.com or telephone 0203 539 1119.

A note about professional video post production

Even though this service is open to anyone including the general public we understand that only professionals that work within the media production and post-production industry have a full knowledge of the way the industry works including how to write scripts etc. So if you are a media professional and do know how it works please let us know so that we can deal with your project in the appropriate way.

At the same time if you are someone who has no knowledge of how this type of service works, please also let us know so that we can give you the appropriate level of support (We will be much more hands on with explaining what we expect from you and we will also help and guide you through these requirements. For example we can help you write the script if you need us to but please note this will increase the price on the quote.

Step 1/7 Flayr Media

Create an account

Create an account with Flayr Media by visiting the my account/register page and filling in your email address and choosing a password. You will need to verify your address before your account is active. You will not be able to submit a quote until your account is active so please make sure it is before proceeding to the next step.
Step 1/7
Step 1/7 Flayr Media

Browse options and select the one for you

We have 7 different current options for types of videos and films that we can do the post production on however there are plenty of other categories so we have a custom video option if you do not see the type that you are looking for. You will find the video options by clicking on the 'Quick Quotes' in the Main Site Menu

Figure 2.1 [The post production options we offer]


Step 3/7 Flayr Media

Submit quote

Once you have chosen the correct option you should select the options on the product page. The first option is to tell us what platform the video if for (TV, online etc). The second option is what duration the video is expected to be. This information can be estimated if the exact information is not known.
Options Options

Figure 3.1 [Platform Options]

Figure 3.2 [Duration Options]

Fill in quote form and submit

Once you have clicked the 'submit quote button on the product page you will be redirected to the quote form page (diagram 3.4). Please note that you can expand the field to write your description in.
Options Options

Figure 3.3 [The Quote Form]

Figure 3.4 [How to expand the Message Field]

Step 4/7 Flayr Media

Upload video script

Once you have submitted your quote you will receive an email confirmation with the details of the quote on it. The next step is writing and uploading a video script. The quote will not be generated until you have uploaded and sent your script to us. You can download a script template word document from our website but you do not have to use this. You can use your own script document but please only upload a word document or a pdf.

Script navigation button

Navigate to the top menu and click the upload script button. This will take you to the page where you can download the script template. You will then need to either download the template to write your script or upload your own script in pdf/word format.

Script Button

Figure 4.1 [Navigation button for uploading script]

Script template

You can download this word document template to help you write the script. Be sure to fill in each column giving information about all video, music, narration and sound effects you wish to appear in the correct order. You do not have to use this template and can upload your own script as long as it follows this same format. For other script types such as feature films please request another template.

Video Script

Figure 4.2 [Video script template]

Upload and send us your script

On the upload your script page once you have completed your script, the next step is to upload the word document or pdf and attach it to the form. Please fill in all the form fields and submit the form.
Script Button

Figure 4.3 [Submit video script form]

Step 5/7 Flayr Media

Accept or reject the quote

Once we have received your quote request and your video script we will review the information and create a quote for you which you will receive by email within 7 days. It takes up to 7 days so that we can review all the information properly and create as accurate a quote as possible. Please be aware that the quote amount may vary to the final invoice amount depending on any additional amount of work required during the process once the quote has been accepted.
Accept or Reject

Figure 5.1 [The email quote]

Accepting the quote

If you reject the quote we will receive this notification and no further action is required. If you accept the quote by clicking on the 'accept' link in the email, you will be redirected to your account page where you will see the accepted quote in a list. You can click on the quote here to view the details.

Figure 5.2 [Accepting redirects you to your account page]

Step 6/7 Flayr Media

Upload your files

Once you have accepted the quote and it has appeared in your account page we require you to send us any video, image or audio files that you have, as we'll as any other documentation relevant to the video we are going to make for you. We can not begin the editing process without these files so the sooner you send them to us the quicker we can create you video. Sometime a longer duration of video will require a lot more files and if you have a lot of files it may take a long time to upload them through our website. If you think this is going to apply to your project please email us at sales@flayrmedia.com quoting your order number and name. For this we will send you a private dropbox link to our dropbox location where you can upload them to. If the volume of files is even too big for this. We will require you to post a hard drive to us which we will return as soon as we have copied the files. Please request the postal address by emailing sales@flayrmedia.com
Upload files

Figure 6.1 [Upload your video files here]



Step 7/7 Flayr Media

Video review and delivery

Once your video is ready we will notify you by email and you will then be able to login and download the edited video in your account. You can review this draft and request any changes by emailing sales@flayrmedia.com. We will request any clarification need for this to be done and carry out any changes if needed. A second and final version of the video will be added to your account for you to download.

Downloading your files

Click on the orders tab and then click the Download your video button on the right hand side. Your edited video will automatically start to download. You can then review the video 1 time and provide us with any amends that you would like done to the video. We will see what we can accommodate and then if any changes are done we will then upload a new version to be downloaded at the same link. If you click on the 'view' button you will see a list of all the versions that have been uploaded.

Download Video Button

Figure 7.1 [Download video button]


You will be sent an email notification with your invoice attached. You can then pay your bill by logging into your account and going to the 'checkout' where your video project will be sitting awaiting payment. If you would prefer to pay by another method (the only other method we accept is bank transfer) you can request this by emailing sales@flayrmedia.com and we will send you the details of how to pay by bank transfer.
Invoice Email

Figure 7.2 [Invoice Email]


Figure 7.3 [Redirect to checkout]