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The future of visual effects

Visual Effects is a vast industry comprising so many different elements. There is so much technical innovation happening every day and we wanted to give our insights into which technologies could become something in the future. There has been some discussion recently about new camera technology which will allowdifferent areas of depth to be captured and discarded based on how far it is from the camera lens. We will not mention any specific cameras here as there are different opinions on how well this is actually executed. This technology is far from being perfect and has a long way to go before it can actually be used in the real world vex situations. However the prospect of not needing green screen and rotoscoping is very appealing.

Cloud VFX

There is also talk of companies trying to move certain vex platforms into the cloud since cloud computing is taking off now. While there are some excellent solutions including online render farms, the shear stumbling block with this remains the extremely large files sizes especially being since since the advent of 4K and 8K shooting. This again is something that seems appealing but is most likely still a long way off.

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