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Cinema 4D Tips

Cinema 4D is fast becoming one of the industry standard tools for 3D Design. Up till recently it has primarily been used for motion graphics but is more and more becoming a favourite for visual effects artists and it has been used in a number of major visual effects Hollywood films by now.3D Design has been around for years but only recently within the past 4-5 years has the computing power and technology been able to match the capabilities and demands of 3D software. If you are looking to learn Cinema 4D there are a number of great online sources but one of the best is found at Greyscalegorilla.com which is a community of Cinema 4D whizz kids in the states. Check it out for online tutorials and more!

One comment on “Cinema 4D Tips

  1. Cinema 4D is AMAZING! I just started learning it last year and it is so powerful. It’s great that a tool like this can allow such great effects into our hand which not so long ago used to be reserved for the big film studios!

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