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We are innovative

At Flayr Media we are always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible and what's not. When a client comes to us with an idea, we never say no until we have looked at all the possible methods to make the idea a reality. We actively encourage new lines of thought and new areas of exploration. We know how hard it is these days to be original but we also know that's it's not impossible and if there is a way, we always find it!

We are creative

We are a small bunch of like-minded people who share one main thing in common. We are all extremely creative and we all pride ourselves on our creative abilities. We have creative meetings everyday where we bounce new ideas off each other and this really helps in making sure we are on the right track.

Our Mission

We are committed as professional post-production specialists to providing the highest quality service to film and video productions for everyone.

High Quality

Our work will always be to the highest standard and is guaranteed to make you very happy with the end result

Guidance and support

We'll make sure we provide the most proper advice possible in order to execute the best creative treatment to your production

Professional Service

Our editors, sound editors and designers have many years of professional experience and will make sure you are in good hands



Flayr Post Production

Flayr Media is a post-production company based in London serving a wide variety of individuals, businesses, industries and more. Available in the conventional means by working form our post-production studio in South East London, we work all year round on any projects of any size.

We are also available online now for a number of services. Available now is the opportunity to book simple video production types such as slideshows, family films, social media videos and basic corporate productions but selecting them in our online store once you have seen a template that you love.

You can then upload your video footage/photos to send to us and we will deliver your finished special video into your account in the next few days ready for you to download. We also offer a variet of publishing options including YouTube and Vimeo.